A look back at the year that was New York, from April to December, 2018

New York City has had its fair share of snow.

And while that’s been a boon for some, the city’s also been hit hard by a few major storms that have left the city with widespread damage and caused massive evacuations.

Here’s what we know.

Read moreThe first big snowstorm hit New York on March 17, and the city has been dealing with a host of other severe weather since then.

On March 20, New York was hit by a deadly blizzard that knocked out power for the entire city for five days, shut down schools and forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate.

A week later, Hurricane Matthew dumped record amounts of snow on the city.

The following month, a pair of massive snowstorms swept through New York State, causing more than half a million homes to lose power.

The following month saw a record-setting rainstorm hit the Northeast, bringing flooding to areas where it had been previously relatively mild.

New York’s snowpack continued to fall in November and December, but there were also record amounts this year, causing some to wonder if the city was finally starting to take some of the blame for its woes.

The storm damage was bad enough, but in January, the New York Times ran a cover story with a photo of a snowboarder and captioned it, “Snowboarder who lost his life trying to board a New York subway.”

A day later, New Yorkers were forced to take shelter from the cold outside of subway stations.

In the span of a few days, more than 3,000 people died in the city, and tens of millions were left homeless.

A series of blizzard warnings and snow warnings issued in the wake of the storm caused many New Yorkers to think twice about taking out the snow.

But while it’s been raining in the New Year, the snow hasn’t fallen as far as it did during the storm.

The New York snowpack is only about one-third of its normal size and hasn’t been as heavy this year.

The city’s snowboarders were able to get up to 25 feet above the snowpack in some areas and get out of the way of the snow that was falling, which allowed them to skate and get up on the board, a process that normally takes an hour or more.

But the city isn’t quite as lucky with snowboard riders as it was with snow-making machines.

Snowboarders have had to learn a few new tricks in the months since they were left stranded in the snow, and some have been hit by cars and fallen off of them.

Snowboarding is also a sport where some skaters are more vulnerable to injuries than others.

For example, in January alone, the City Council voted to prohibit snowboard clubs from operating within 500 feet of schools.

The latest storm, which hit New Jersey in February, also caused snow to fall a lot less and didn’t get as much snowfall as it might have.

The snowpack, however, was still down.

The city’s forecast for this week, which was released earlier this week and is based on the latest information available, shows that snowfall is expected to drop to the lowest levels of its record-breaking season.

According to the National Weather Service, the highest snowfall in New York will be around 40 inches, while the lowest is expected at 8 inches.

The forecast also predicts that winds will pick up, with a maximum of 35 mph at the end of the day on Friday.

The New York storm that hit the city this week has left some people feeling lucky.

“I think it was the luckiest thing that could have happened to me, I mean I was out in the middle of nowhere, and they did the right thing,” said Kristina Schmid, who was out with her friend and fellow snowboard rider on Sunday when they saw the snow fall.

“They didn’t take it seriously.

They were super-smart.”

The city hasn’t had a big snowfall like this in a while.

New England’s snowfall totals in January were just 3.7 inches, compared to the 4.1 inches the city had in February.

A few days earlier, in February 2017, the state of Maine experienced its biggest snowfall on record, dropping 11 inches in just a few hours.

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