‘The Legend of Korra’ premieres in Japan as Netflix launches streaming service

Japan is set to launch its own Netflix streaming service, following the launch of an app that will allow people to watch the Netflix series “The Legend: Korra” on their own TV sets.

According to Japanese website Famitsu, the app will be released for the Japanese market on Sept. 16 and the US on Sept 21.

The app will allow users to stream the first season of the animated series, which is based on the hit manga series by author Eiichiro Oda.

The app will work with the new Nintendo 3DS XL.

Famitsu noted that the app is compatible with all Nintendo 3ds XL consoles that can be used to play games, and that users can access the app from a home screen or from the main menu.

“The Legend, a Japanese TV series, is a popular manga series about a boy named Korra, a young girl named Lin and a dragon called Asami.

A lot of fans in Japan have been looking forward to this release,” Netflix said in a statement.”

We’re excited to bring the original ‘Legend of Korra,’ a beloved series, to Japanese viewers,” the company added.

“We are also proud to announce the release of the ‘Legend: Korra’ anime on Netflix, the world’s largest online video platform, for the first time.”

The company also said that it is adding two new shows to its streaming catalog.

The first series will be the sixth in the “Legend of Zelda” series, and the second will be a new series based on a Japanese game.

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