Why do people download software to watch movies?

A recent survey of 2,000 Australian consumers by research firm Ipsos found that they’ve turned to downloading software to stream movies to their devices, even though they don’t want to.

According to the Ipsos report, more than 70 per cent of Australians surveyed said they used software to “stream or download video content, music, audio and/or other content”.

In fact, Ipsos said the majority of people surveyed “would consider downloading software from a site that offers an ‘alternative’ or ‘faux’ way of watching videos”.

“A majority of respondents indicated that they had downloaded software to view videos from other sources, including TV channels and the internet,” Ipsos noted.

“Most of those who had downloaded an alternative software application said they did so to watch TV shows or movies, and most of those respondents said they downloaded it to stream or download videos.”

Although the software used to stream the videos wasn’t included in the survey, Ipsots researchers said it did feature prominently in the responses they received from Australian consumers.

The survey, conducted online, also found that nearly half of Australians aged 18 to 34 (47 per cent) had downloaded some kind of software to do so, with most of them having downloaded an application that provided “a way to view and play videos, audio, pictures or other content from other services”.

The study also found Australians were more likely to download software because of convenience, with almost half (47.7 per cent), and 43.9 per cent, of respondents saying they used a “software as a backup”.

Ipsos said this trend had been exacerbated by the rise of “apps that allow users to create and view video content”.

“The rise in the number of people who have ‘cad’ or software as a ‘backup’ option in their smartphone and tablet devices is indicative of this trend,” Ipso said.

One of the most popular apps for users of CAD software was iFile, which offers a free and simple way to file files on your smartphone.

Ibid, which has more than 10 million registered users worldwide, has also been popular with users of other popular CAD software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Inkscape.

However, despite the popularity of CAD programs, the survey found Australians had become increasingly dissatisfied with their software, and were more concerned about their quality of life.

It said: “While the survey suggests that many people are now using software to save and share their data, they are still more likely than not to feel frustrated with the quality of their experience with the software.”

The Ipsos survey also found consumers were most likely to want to use software to ‘watch’ their favourite movies.

And, more specifically, Australians were the most likely of any age group to use an app to stream video content to their device.

This included both children and teenagers, and young adults aged 18-24 (53 per cent).

“In fact in the last six months, more Australians have been using the internet to watch their favourite video content on a TV or video game console than any other time in history,” Ipsus said.

“While some of these users may not be in the market for a new TV, they do appear to be increasingly looking for a way to access video content they can watch on a large screen, or on a smartphone or tablet.”

“This may suggest that older Australians are also becoming more willing to spend more time watching and enjoying video content through their devices,” Ipsot added.

Despite the rise in popularity of software, it was not all bad news for Australians who are still using old-fashioned methods to watch films.

More than half of Australian households were still using an older, more traditional method to watch video content in the past year, Ipsot said.

The survey also said Australians were still more interested in accessing and sharing media on social media than watching content on the web.

A third of respondents said social media was more of a source of entertainment than traditional media, and nearly half (48 per cent ) were using social media to share content or view video.

Many Australians also expressed an interest in sharing their own experiences, as more and more Australians were sharing their personal experiences online.

Only 18 per cent had done so in the previous year, while 56 per cent were doing so in 2017.

While social media and other technologies have increased, Australians are still far more likely today to be watching and sharing content online.

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