‘It’s the most important thing’: Aussie vet’s new software lets him stay calm and cool at work



AUSTRIA’S VETTING ANIMATION INSTITUTION has created the world’s first ‘Help’ App to Help an Animal Flee.

The new app is the brainchild of vet and animal trainer, Dr. Sam Ruggles, who wants to help animals who may be in need of help but are struggling to find it.

Dr Ruggels says he and his team created the ‘Helsp’ app because they wanted to help them cope better in stressful situations.

Dr. Ruggs says his team found that when people feel stressed, anxious or stressed out, they feel a need to take action.

‘When people feel overwhelmed they want to do something,’ he says.

‘So we decided that we should create a tool that helps them cope.

‘It gives them the mental comfort and reassurance that they’re in control of their emotions.’

Dr Riggles says the ‘Helps’ app works with a variety of sensors and apps to help people manage stress.

He says the apps are designed to help animal handlers and vets with: stress reduction.

‘The technology will help them become more comfortable and relaxed,’ he said.

‘For people who are dealing with stressful situations or situations that are too difficult for them to manage, the technology will also help them relax.’

Dr. Driggles said it was important to help the animals in need.

‘I feel that if they can be calm and controlled by the technology they can have a better quality of life,’ he added.

‘They can get the support that they need and they can also have the safety and peace that they want.’

The ‘HELSP’ app has been downloaded over 3 million times in the past year.

DrRuggles says his app helps animals cope with stress and anxiety so they can make the best of their lives.

He said the app has helped some vets to reduce stress levels by more than 70 per cent.

Dr, Ruggies also says it is important for vets to have access to technology.

‘We’ve developed this technology to help vets to be in a better place when they’re dealing with animals in their care and to be able to work out how to make a better decision on a case-by-case basis,’ he explained.

‘If it was just a few days, it might not have an impact on the outcome.’

DrRiggles has been involved in animal welfare work for 25 years and has trained thousands of people.

He has also developed the first ever animal-focused ‘digital detox’ course.

Dr Michael McLean, who runs the ‘Paws’ program at Melbourne Animal Welfare Society, says Dr Riggs is a passionate and knowledgeable animal welfare advocate.

‘Sam is a very strong advocate for the welfare of all animals and he’s a passionate supporter of the Victoria Zoo and the Royal Melbourne Zoo as well as the Victorian Vet Society,’ Dr McLean said.

Dr McLeans support comes as Victoria Zoo is considering a $1.8 million offer for the purchase of the zoo.

A spokeswoman for the zoo says the zoo is ‘considering a bid to acquire the Victoria Zoological Gardens, including the Victoria Zoos Victoria Zoo, and is in the process of securing funding for that purchase.’

‘It is very important for us to have a robust animal welfare program in place,’ the spokeswoman said.

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