Automated analysis of buildings and buildings-related events

Automated construction estimating software has long been used in construction projects, but it is becoming increasingly popular with companies looking to track the progress of construction projects. 

Building owners and developers can now easily analyze the project’s performance by analyzing data collected by the company, using software such as Zoom or Insight. 

 A number of firms, including Baidu, have launched automated construction estimating tools for their projects, with a number of companies offering the tools as part of their software suites. 

 Zoom’s software can be used to automate the assessment of various aspects of a project such as the construction of a wall or roof, the placement of plumbing fixtures, the design of electrical outlets and more. 

The company’s software provides real-time data and insights to builders, and also allows the builders to analyze data collected from the contractors, such as time of day, location of workers, weather conditions, and the number of workers. 

Insight can be combined with other building automation tools to provide a complete analysis of the project and the project managers’ decision making. 

With the latest software releases, Baidus and Insight are also providing tools for construction management, with Insight providing information about project status and timeline as well as the actual completion date of the work, the estimated time for completion and the estimated cost of completion. 

Builders can use these tools to make the most of the software suite and to analyze their work. 

Zoom can also be used for the construction management of a building or a building site, while Insight can be employed to assess the performance of a site in relation to the company’s plans.

Zoom and Insight’s automation tools can be accessed through Baidu’s Baidue software, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. 

Insight also provides for its own online portal.

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