A new iPhone app aims to help users navigate the new iPhone design process

Apple’s new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices have been a hit with customers, and a new iPhone 9 app aims not only to help customers navigate the design process, but also help them figure out which buttons to press.

Dubbed the Apple Design Help app, the app is a work-in-progress and has already received positive reviews.

The app offers the option to create a simple user interface, with simple actions such as adding and removing items from a list, or adding a new button to a menu.

It also shows how the app will be used, from how to create your own content to where to find it.

Apple’s new iPhones, including the iPhone 8, are the first iPhones to feature an OLED display.

The company said earlier this year that it wanted to reduce the size of the iPhone display to 5.5 inches, and that it would offer a new 5.7-inch model with the iPhone X and X+ variants.

The OLED panel is used to produce the iPhone’s OLED display, and the new Apple Design help app shows the new screens capabilities in detail.

Apple has also introduced a new version of the App Store to help with design.

The App Store will have redesigned icons, and also has a new section dedicated to design advice and tutorials.

The new section has been designed to be accessible to those who have not previously tried the Apple design process.

Apple is hoping that the new help app will help users find the right iPhone buttons and shortcuts.

The new iPhone help app is available now for iOS 10.2 and up.

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