How to find out if the software you’ve downloaded is the software for which you paid

The Hindu has received word that the company behind software update software that enables customers to scan their laptops for virus signatures has been hacked.

The company, Hewlett-Packard, is facing a legal battle to keep the software from being used against it.

The hack, according to reports, has affected at least 12 million computers worldwide.

According to a report by Reuters, the hacker behind the attack used a computer program that allows him to identify software versions and install it.

It was able to find and install the software and download it from HP’s servers.

The software was not installed on the customers’ machines.

According a report in The New York Times, the hack has affected HP’s “infrastructure, IT and support systems,” including the security software that lets users run applications remotely.

“Our security team is working to determine the cause of the issue and is actively investigating the matter,” a spokesperson for HP said.

“We are aware of the situation and are working closely with the relevant authorities.

We are cooperating fully with the investigation,” said the spokesperson.

According the Times, “HP is investigating the incident, and is working closely and rapidly with the law enforcement and other relevant authorities to ensure the security of our customers’ systems.”

Hewlett- Packard said in a statement to The New Yorker that it has suspended use of the software.”HP does not support or authorize any of the activities described in the allegations and we are working to prevent any further exploitation,” the statement said.

The hackers have also taken advantage of a security flaw in Windows to install the malicious software.

The breach is the latest attack on the software vendor.

In January, security researchers reported on a vulnerability that allowed hackers to gain root access to computers.

The hack comes amid a wider attack on software vendors by hackers with ties to China, and the breach is a further blow to the global computer industry.

Earlier this month, a security researcher at the antivirus software maker Sophos said he had found that the firm had been hacked, as well as another security firm that said it had found a “sophisticated” Chinese group of hackers who had infiltrated its systems.

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