Why we’re not getting more selfies and Facebook photos as we go blind

Posted April 11, 2018 16:13:53A new report claims that the technology used by social media sites to create the most beautiful photos and videos are failing to capture the attention of our blind, blind-sitting colleagues and family members.

Key points:A new study says we’re seeing the loss of time that comes with our smartphones and laptopsThe study says our productivity is declining and the digital age has led to a decline in personal careA new survey from the University of Queensland, says we should all be working more closely with our friends and family, rather than using social media platforms to capture them.

The University of Brisbane report, “How to be more productive: Our blind and blind-sided future”, suggests people should be more aware of how their actions impact their environment.

“We are seeing the erosion of our productivity,” Dr Jorg Neumann, the University’s assistant professor of management and organizational behaviour, said.

“In the digital world, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stay connected, stay on task and not be distracted.”

The research suggests we could all be better at keeping our eyes on the prize, the person we’re spending time with and, in particular, how they are using their smartphone or laptop.

In a series of experiments, Dr Neumann and his team asked the participants to use their smartphone for 10 minutes and then return to their desks to capture images and videos of their co-workers.

In the process, they found they were working at significantly less time than when they first left the room.

“What we’re really seeing is people not doing enough work, that is, not using their smartphones to capture those beautiful images,” Dr Neuman said.

Instead, the study found that people were spending a similar amount of time in their phones than when people were working in a quiet, non-connected environment.

Dr Neumann said that when he was a student, he had a friend who used his mobile phone to capture photos.

“I remember one of the reasons I did that was because I had a blind colleague who didn’t have a smartphone,” he said.

While we’re often focused on our smartphones, he said the issue was much bigger.

“It is one of those things where we really need to be mindful of how we interact with our colleagues and our family, and how they use their smartphones,” he added.

“This study suggests we are seeing this loss of personal care and attention, and that it’s really affecting our productivity and how we’re working.”

Dr Neuman, who also works as an associate professor at the University for Creative Media, said the loss in personal attention and personal space in a digital world is “disappointing”.

“If you want to have an effective work environment, you need to make it a place where everyone can stay connected,” he explained.

Dr Jorg said that in the long term, it would be difficult to convince everyone that they could make the most of their smartphone by taking it to work.

“They’re all getting their personal attention.

I think that we’re getting that attention for the wrong reasons,” he suggested.”

The way we’re looking at it is we are using our smartphones to do all these other things.

It’s just that they’re not doing all those other things for us.”

Dr Jussi Jonsson, a senior lecturer in digital media at the university, said that we are in the midst of a “new” age, with social media allowing people to communicate more quickly and with more clarity.

“Social media is changing our relationships with our co-worker, our family members, our neighbours, our friends, the internet,” she said.”[It’s] enabling people to get things done faster and more efficiently, without having to actually use the phone.”

So we have to be conscious of the use of the internet and social media, and the impact it has on people’s productivity and attention.

“She said that people should not be worried about their productivity.”

You can make it look like you’re doing all this work and all this effort when in fact you’re just going to sit and think about your phone,” she advised.”

People can use social media to get what they want, and they can even work on their hobbies and interests, or socialise with friends and people that they are close to.

“These people are people who are very well paid and have much more time on their hands than we do.”

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