Screen recording software ‘spooky’ for the haunted house

Logitech has reportedly released a new version of its webcam software that appears to spook the public.

The company’s latest product, Spooky, is apparently designed to capture the “spooky” moments when visitors visit a haunted house, including “haunting noises”, “crawling shadows”, and “the sound of footsteps”.

The new Spooky features a wide array of audio options, including audio for “soul music” and “aural hallucinations”.

Users can also turn on the microphone, which will turn on “sound effects” such as footsteps and footsteps “leaping”, “thundering footsteps”, and so on.

This could be a big deal for the future of haunted house surveillance, as audio can be “turned off or muted” by users in order to limit its effectiveness.

The software is available in the Google Play Store for $4.99 and can be downloaded for free from the Google App Store.

In a press release, Logitech says that the Spooky webcam software “can help you record and capture all of your favorite hauntings in a single easy-to-use interface, without compromising on the security of your footage”.

Spooky is also reportedly compatible with Google Glass, and is the first product from the company to include such features.

The new software is not the first time that Logitech’s Spooky has been linked to the ghost phenomenon.

A similar Spooky product has been developed for the Chinese market.

According to a Chinese blog post from 2015, Logix Ghost Spooky can capture “the feeling of a ghostly presence that creeps up from the depths of the earth”.

In a recent interview with the South China Morning Post, Logical Gaming’s chief executive officer Zhang Zuo said that Logix’s Spookiness product “has been in development for some time”, adding that the company “has a lot of experience in the field”.

The company has also worked with the government to secure its own footage for surveillance.

Logitech also claims that the spooky software will work with Google’s Glass device.

In the US, Google has been working on a device to help people “see ghosts” for free.

It has also created a Ghost Camera for the Google Glass wearable, which could eventually allow users to “see what it’s like to be a ghost”.

The Ghost Camera will be made by Logitech, and can also be used to capture “ghosts” from a distance.

The Ghost Cameras will be available in June 2018 for $99.99.

Logix has also released a Ghost Spotting Camera for Google Glass.

According the company, the Ghost Spotter will capture “an image of a phantom ghost that is not visible to the human eye”.

The Spooky Spooky software has been in the works for some years, with Logitech releasing a product called Spooky for its own product development earlier this year.

In 2015, the company announced plans to develop Spooky to work with Glass, which is set to be released in 2017.

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