Google-owned HyperX Software, which makes a range of software and services, gets $8.5M funding

Google, the world’s largest search engine, has raised $8 million in a $3 billion round led by SoftBank.

HyperX, the company that makes a suite of software tools that allow you to build and run applications, has said it will use the money to further develop the tools.

Hyperx, which was founded in 2006 and now has offices in the US and Canada, said it would invest in its software development capabilities and continue to expand its presence in the software industry.

Hyperxx software, which provides access to the web, is one of the most popular applications for building and running web-based applications.

Hyperxxx software is widely used for building web-scale applications, which can be used to run complex web services such as email, chat and video chat, among others.

HyperXT is a proprietary software tool for creating and maintaining servers that runs web applications and is designed for use in web-enabled data centers.

The company is seeking to raise additional capital.

Hyperxt is the first company in India to be listed on the Indian Stock Exchange.

Hyperxi software is a platform for creating, distributing and managing applications and services on Linux.

Hyperix software is used to provide an infrastructure for the provision of internet services in enterprises and enterprises.

The hyperx team is based in New Delhi.

The Hyperxx team is located in New York.

The other investors in HyperX include SoftBank, Birla Group and TCS Ventures. 

 Google announced a Series B round of $6.5 billion in April 2016, with an investment of $2 billion.

It also announced the acquisition of a number of its companies, including the search giant’s parent company Alphabet.

The investment follows the $10 billion acquisition of Google Search in December 2017 by Google parent company Baidu.

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