How Mac Software Became the Next $10 billion industry

Software that has been around for more than 10 years is on track to become the next $10 trillion industry.

According to a new report from research firm IDC, this will be a dramatic shift for the software industry, and it’s already happening.IDC estimates that the total value of software sales for the next decade will top $10.6 trillion, and the next 10 years will likely be even more explosive.

The growth is due to a variety of factors, but a lot of it is due a shift in consumer behavior.

For instance, we’re used to buying software for our phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs.

We’re now buying them for our homes, offices, and entertainment centers.

But if we look at software as a whole, it’s not only hardware that’s changing.

“Software is the next major platform,” said Robert Hochman, IDC’s vice president of research and analytics.

“When you look at the software market, it is growing faster than the hardware industry.

And that’s something that has not been seen before.”

As IDC estimates, software sales will reach $10,000 billion by 2035, and by the year 2046, that number is expected to top $20 trillion.

The value of all software will be $100 trillion by that point.

For consumers, this is good news, because it means that they’re spending a lot more money on software than they were buying hardware, and they’re also getting a lot cheaper hardware.

But for developers, this isn’t good news.

In fact, it could be a bad thing.

“It’s not just about the software,” said John Pescatore, vice president and general manager of software engineering at the Adobe Systems.

“It’s about the platform.”

Developers, by and large, aren’t looking at the hardware side of the equation.

Instead, they’re looking at how to use the software to create apps that have the power to improve the lives of their customers.

That’s why Adobe has embraced an approach called “apps-as-a-service,” or AaaS, where the company makes money by selling a set of applications for a set price.

The company charges developers a monthly fee for the services it provides, but that fee is typically higher than the annual cost of the software.

In contrast, “we’ve seen developers use the platform for their own purposes,” said Pescap.

“They’re building their own services, and then they pay the software developers for that service.”

Pescap believes that, with the advent of Aaa, developers are shifting to the platform to do their own development, and are thus able to use Aaa as a platform for delivering services.

It’s an approach that’s being embraced by many of the big companies that use the platforms, including Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Google.

“Developers are making a lot less of a difference to the platforms that they build,” said Brian Munk, a research manager at IDC.

“And I think the reason is that they are spending so much time and money on the platform.

Developers are not doing the heavy lifting.

They’re doing the stuff that they want to do, and those are the things that are delivering value.”

Munk says the Aaa platform has been extremely successful, and he believes that the next wave of software development will be “much more successful” than the A-series generation.

And he says the shift to Aaa is the “next big thing,” which is likely to be the shift of the smartphone.

Munk is optimistic that developers will adopt the platform, but he also says that, ultimately, it will come down to consumers.

“I don’t think developers are going to do it for free,” said Munk.

“The platform is a good service.

If it works, and there’s a market for it, then that will happen.

But I think it will take some time.”IDC projects that the market for software will grow from $10bn to $40 billion by the end of 2040, and that the average price per user of a software app will jump from $15 to $20.

That will be because of the increased use of the platform by businesses and consumers.

The future of Apple’s hardware and software is a little cloudy.

But if you ask Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company’s hardware has been the mainstay of Apple products for nearly 40 years, and in that time, he’s made a lot money.

But Apple’s software development is based on a completely different platform, and Cook has admitted that the company is in trouble.

In fact, Cook admitted that he “may be [a] little too aggressive” in his attempts to improve Apple’s productivity, even as he’s been working on software to make Apple products more efficient.

Cook also acknowledged that the software is going to have to compete with Amazon, Microsoft and Google for a large

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