Driver update software will arrive this week for the Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram pickup, and will also be offered for the Volvo XC90 pickup and SUV, says automaker’s president

Automakers are expected to roll out driver update apps for the two-door pickups this week.

They’re also expected to introduce software to the Ram and the Volvo SUV this week, according to company executives and industry sources.

The Ford F150 and Ram pickup are expected in stores in the first half of the year.

Both pickups have the new “driver update software” which, the company said, is “compatible with the vehicle’s software suite and features” and “contains updates and enhancements that will help drivers stay safe and secure when they operate the vehicles.”

The software is currently being rolled out on the Volvo, Dodge, and Ram pickups, the Ford website says.

The software update will include features including better crash and fire detection and lane keep assistance.

In addition, the automaker will also introduce a new feature to its F-Series truck line that will allow the driver to have a remote system monitoring the vehicle.

The system will be able to automatically shut off the vehicle at certain times and automatically switch off the engine and transmission when it senses an abnormal power surge.

Automakers are also expected in early 2016 to roll-out driver updates for the XC80 pickup, which will be the first SUV to have the update.

GM will roll out its new driver update program to the Chevrolet Tahoe, GM said in a blog post Thursday.

“The F-series and the XF-series pickups will receive a driver update update in the second half of next year,” GM said.

“The XF will be in dealerships beginning in the third quarter of 2015.”

The automaker did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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