How to turn your Android phone into a VR headset for virtual reality research

You’re probably familiar with the idea of turning your smartphone into a virtual reality headset.

You don’t have to buy a whole lot of expensive hardware.

You can just get an Android phone and go to your favorite VR app and start experimenting with it.

But how do you turn your phone into an actual headset?

A new app called “Zigzags VR” lets you use your phone to simulate your favorite smartphone games or watch videos.

The app doesn’t actually have any built-in apps, so you have to use an Android emulator to run the program.

Once you have a device that you can actually play with, you can then use it to play a VR game, record a video, or even read a book or take notes.

ZigZags VR has been out for a couple weeks, and already it’s attracting a ton of attention.

So, how does it work?

The app uses a phone’s GPS to figure out where you are in space and then tracks your position using a camera.

When you get close enough, the app can send your phone a “motion tracker” that it can use to track your head movements.

Once the tracker is close enough for you to see, the headset will vibrate.

Once it is close, the tracking app sends the headset a signal to track you again.

ZigZag VR has a few caveats, though.

One of them is that you have the option to turn the headset off.

Another is that the app doesn: It won’t work if you’re using your phone as a headset, because the headset is wired directly into your phone’s camera.

So the app will only work with an Android device with an open camera, like an HTC One M9.

Zingzags also doesn’t have a price tag.

It’s free to download, and the app is free to try out, but the company has plans to eventually release the app with a subscription plan.

Zingzages VR is currently available for Android phones with at least one of the following processors: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (MSM8992), Snapdragon 836 (MSMX8600), Snapdragon 820 (MSMQ7680), Snapdragon 625 (MSQ7585), Snapdragon 808 (MSU7200), Snapdragon 721 (MSC7240), Snapdragon 925 (MSK7850), or Snapdragon 928 (MSG7870).

You can also try out ZingZags with a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Zingerzags will also be available for other Android devices in the future.

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